That lady behind the lens

photography credit: Hayley Roebuck Photography

Hi. Welcome to my first solo venture, right after college... this crazy small business of photography that has just been in my back pocket since 2005. I studied photography at SMU and fell in love with it's ability to shape how we remember moments through life. My family (and my dog) are my beautiful muses. Almost 100% of the time, you can find my camera not far from me, ready to go if I need to take that moment and record it forever.


I've had the pleasure of watching many of my nearest and dearest loved ones grow from babies to graduating from high school. Over the years I had the pleasure of participating in capturing sweet smiles for the Heart Gallery of Dallas. I just love taking pictures of babies.


My ultimate goal is to do for you, what I've been able to do for my family: capture their life so that the memories last forever. You'll see as you adventure through my site (or my FB page) that my most thriving moments are when I get to capture life's "normal" moments: baseball games, playing outside, cooking with Grandma, bath time and such.


Let's do this together. Call me.




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